The CrystalDual-i Evolution

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The CrystalDual-i® has evolved - with a dual floating edge-to-edge 27” full HD screen, a large 24” video topper and increased processing power for more dynamic graphics.

Designed around today's player, it combines industry-leading hardware advances, IGT's best-in-class operating system, special ergonomics and unmatched reliability and serviceability.

Key features:

  • An enhanced player experience with better game play mechanics, screen resolution, lighting and sound, to differentiate your gaming floor
  • A high-end design with ergonomic comfort features and a USB charging port, to attract and retain players
  • Superior serviceability and reliability, to reduce downtime and increase your return on investment

With IGT's reputation for setting new industry standards, the IGT CrystalDual-i® 27 leads the evolution of gaming to exceed the demands of your players and deliver a bright future for your floor.

To find out how the Crystal Dual-i 27 would bring premium benefits to your venue, contact us.